Wildlife in North Carolina magazine is the official educational publication of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, dedicated to the conservation of North Carolina's wildlife and natural habitats. Published since 1937, the magazine contains nearly eighty years of research, essays, and photographs.

The publication's first issue was an 8-page black and white pamphlet created by what were then called the Department of Conservation and Development and North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering. The first issue stated:

Wildlife conservation has definitely left the dark age in North Carolina history. The common practice in this country has been to allow the wildlife resources to dwindle almost to the vanishing point before definite action has been started looking toward their preservation and increase. North Carolina still has a fair abundance of most of the original wildlife species throughout a large part of its area, and by starting research and improved management practices at this time, it should be possible to prevent many of the mistakes of other States and assure a more complete realization of the values of our wildlife for all the people for all future time. As an aid in speeding the progress of this work, it has been decided to issue a game management and research pamphlet. . . .

The purpose of this pamphlet is to bring together and present in brief form the ideas, management practices, research activities, and progress of game management in the field for the benefit of farmers and landowners, sportsmen, game managers, biologists, and students of game management in this State.

Wildlife Management in North Carolina, November 1937: 3

Today, the magazine has grown into a popular monthly magazine designed to educate the public about North Carolina's natural heritage and wildlife management practices. The magazine first began including color photographs in the mid-1970s, and the last forty years of this archive include a stunning collection of nature photography. Since 1951, the first issue of odd-numbered years includes the Biennial Report of the Wildlife Resources Commission, and beginning in fall 2011, a special Outdoor Guide has been issued in the fall and a Fishing and Boating Guide in the spring.

The Wildlife in North Carolina magazine is considered copyrighted material.