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    • Jobs For Fighters

    • 1917
    • Poster shows a uniformed soldier, holding an honorable discharge paper in one hand, about to enter the bureau for returning soldiers and sailors. The Bureau, sponsored by the U.S. Employment Service and the U.S. Department of Labor, matched...
    • Grant, Gordon, 1875-1962
    • The Fruits Of Victory

    • Text calls for a united effort in the work of reconstruction, as much effort as it took to win the war. Unless we continue to work together, the fruits of victory will turn bitter.
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Get The Habit Of Doing Things Right

    • Text urges getting into the habit of doing things right; this good habit will result in greater production, less waste, increased earnings, and it'll help win the war quickly.
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Boot Straps

    • Title continues: "We don't try to pull ourselves up by our boot straps--do we? Then why try to get richer by producing less?" Poster text urges greater production to win the war; labor can earn the nation's gratitude by developing the American...
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Our Chance

    • Text: "Our Chance. He lives best who serves his fellows best. This war is our chance, not do GET more, but to DO more. The group which does the most toward winning the war will have the greatest influence after the war is over."
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Horse Races--Who Will Win This War Between America and Germany?

    • Text states, in part: "Question: Who will win this war between America ruled by free men and Germany ruled by militarism? Answer: The winning nation will be the one whose people produce the most food, ships, munitions, and other goods..."
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • We Must Win

    • Text states that in order to win it will take doing one's best "with brain and muscle. We must be a wide-awake people, all working together..."
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Volunteers Wanted for Farm Work

    • Image of Uncle Sam speaking to a farmer. Caption: "Uncle Sam wants the names of able-bodied men and boys who will 'Do their bit' for the country's defense on the farms. A shortage of food products would seriously handicap the fighting forces and...
    • America's Strength

    • Poster which states, in part: "Germany's strength lies in the willingness of her military caste to sacrifice her people...America's strength lies in the willingness of our people to freely pay even a bigger price and make even a greater sacrifice....
    • Backfire

    • Text states: "Every previous war had a backfire. Let us NOT have one after this war!"
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Beware Of German Traps!

    • Text warns to beware of German traps and German trouble makers who will try to cause internal strife in America as they did in Russia. Poster urges to settle disputes after the war, or the Kaiser will settle it all.
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Help Win The War

    • Text urges workers to help win the war by working for victory Monday through Saturday and by praying for victory on Sunday.
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • How To Win--Work a Little Harder

    • Text asserts the way to win the war is for everyone to work harder at our present jobs. "Every idle hour helps the Kaiser enslave the world."
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Our Children Will Judge Us by What We Did During the War

    • Text: "We must all do our best to make the change from war work to peace work as easy as possible. Cooperation is the big thing needed now! We cannot start by stopping; we cannot multiply by dividing; we must forget our prejudices and drive ahead....
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Let Us Remember Russia!

    • Text urges Americans to remember Russia: "The Russians meant well. But they took time to talk while the house was burning! Of course the Kaiser encouraged them..."
    • United States. Dept. of Labor


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