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    • On To Berlin!

    • 1918
    • A bulldog wrapped in an American flag is chasing and biting the tail of a hog wearing a spiked helmet with the words "German Army" printed on its body.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Help Beat the Huns!

    • Below the title is a cartoon-style image of the United States surrounded by wall of stamps which read "Thrift Stamp 25 Cents good in payment toward U.S. War Savings Certificate." Outside this wall is a crowd of soldiers wearing German helmets and...
    • Only the Navy Can Stop This

    • Cartoon drawing of Kaiser Wilhelm brandishing a bloody saber in one hand and a bloody dagger in the other, knee-deep in water with dead babies and children floating at his feet. Caption: "The U.S. Navy Publicity Bureau gratefully acknowledges its...
    • Rogers, W. A. (William Allen), 1854-1931
    • Get the Jap and Get It Over

    • 1945
    • Depicts a slightly tattered Japanese flag flying over a badly tattered Nazi flag, both hanging from the same pole. Text encourages workers to work where they are needed and to apply at the U. S. Employment Service. Printed at bottom: "U. S....
    • Saalburg, Allen Russell, 1899-1987.
    • This is the Enemy

    • 1943
    • Depicts an arm with a swastika on the sleeve cuff, holding a dagger which is piercing a Bible. Printed at bottom, " OWI Poster No. 76."
    • Beat Back the Hun With Liberty Bonds

    • 1918
    • Image of a German soldier's head and hands looming over a smoking landscape toward blue water. His fingers are red with dripping blood and he holds a blade or bayonet, also dripping blood.
    • Strothmann, F. (Frederick), b. 1872
    • What the Navy Is Doing--Depth Bombs Deal Death to U-Boats

    • 1917; 1918
    • Image of German U-boat being bombed as seen from deck of American ship. Text: "For this Hun the war is over, blown to bits by a depth bomb planted at the right time. It is the merry little depth bomb--in destroyer lingo, "the ash can" which upends...
    • Help Your Country In This Fight Against German Militarism

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing depicts German soldiers shooting a woman hanging on a meat hook outside a butcher's shop; fallen babies and children are in the foreground. Text urges men to enlist and help Uncle Sam defeat German Militarism. Front of...
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • One Rock They Can't Get Over

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a car, labeled "German War Machine," hitting a boulder, marked "U.S. Resistance." As the car is overturning, it dumps figures of two men in German uniforms. Text urges every man 18-21 and 32-41 to "enlist now."
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • Destroy This Thing! Enlist!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a crouching beast with a German spiked helmet, baring its teeth and glaring at a kneeling woman. Text urges enlistment.
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • The Baby Killer! Stop Him!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a German soldier holding a bloody knife. Text urges enlistment in the U.S. Army to stop the "baby killer."
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • On The Defensive

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a German soldier, wearing a spiked helmet, no shirt, holding a knife, and with his back against a wall; his rifle is broken; a ring of bayonets point at him.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Defend Your Home And Country!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a Germanic warrior, wearing horned helmet marked "Hunism," about to club a woman kneeling over a dead baby; more corpses and a burning house are in the background. Lower part of poster urges enlistment in U.S. Army.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Destroy This Mad Brute--Enlist!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a King Kong type caricature wearing a German spiked helmet marked "Militarism;" the beast carries a club marked "Kultur" in his right hand and a half-nude fainting woman in his left arm. The beast is stepping out of the...
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • The Progress Of Kultur

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a pair of German Army boots stomping over fallen women marked "Belgium" and "Roumania." Text urges men to enlist and "stop this."
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • His Turn

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a resolute U.S. soldier, labeled "American Army," rolling up his sleeve and preparing to fight; one German soldier, labeled "German Line," reacts in fear, another German soldier hides behind the first one.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • The Spot That Blew The L Out Of Wilhelm

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a surprised uniformed figure, wearing a German helmet with an eagle in place of the usual spike, blasted into space from earth, where the "USA" is highlighted as "the spot" that caused the explosion. Text says "put...
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • Defend "Old Glory"

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of an American soldier on a white horse, with saber, guarding the American flag, about to strike a German soldier, on foot, threatening the American with a rifle and bloody bayonet. Text below says "Enlist in US Army."
    • Owen, Fred V.


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