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    • Enlist in the Navy

    • Uncle Sam dressed as soldier points a pistol at Kaiser Wilhem dressed as a king, carrying a whip. Between them is a woman chained to cross inscribed with the words "Barbarism" and "Slavery." Uncle Sam holds up the cross with his other hand. Caption...
    • Raemaekers, Louis, 1869-1956
    • The World Cannot Live Half Slave Half Free

    • Poster displays a map of Europe and Turkey with a large red swath denoting the "Prussian Blot." Text includes quotations from President Wilson and Kaiser Wilhelm, and concludes, "While Germany dreams of dominating the world by force there can be no...
    • Construction or Destruction--Which Will Win?

    • Poster depicts on one side an American shipyard and the construction of a ship surrounded by cranes; on the other side a troop of spike-helmeted German soldiers leaving several dead bodies in a destroyed house.
    • Watson, F. M.
    • Determination Or Elimination--Which Will Win?

    • Poster depicts on one side an American shipbuilder, holding a wrench and standing on a piece of steel chained to the hook of a hoist, and on the other side the open sea, indicating all shipping had been eliminated by U-boats.
    • Watson, F. M.
    • In His Service

    • Poster shows sketch of the Kaiser holding a flag with the words "traitor," "shirker," "slacker," and "loafer."
    • Watson, F. M.
    • Beware Of German Traps!

    • Text warns to beware of German traps and German trouble makers who will try to cause internal strife in America as they did in Russia. Poster urges to settle disputes after the war, or the Kaiser will settle it all.
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Help Beat the Huns!

    • Below the title is a cartoon-style image of the United States surrounded by wall of stamps which read "Thrift Stamp 25 Cents good in payment toward U.S. War Savings Certificate." Outside this wall is a crowd of soldiers wearing German helmets and...
    • Determination Or Extermination--Which Will Win?

    • Poster depicts on one side an American shipbuilder, forming a piece of metal on his anvil in the shipyard, and on the other side a boy's body, pierced with a German saber, hanging on a farm door, which shows shadows of spike-helmeted German...
    • Watson, F. M.
    • Let Us Remember Russia!

    • Text urges Americans to remember Russia: "The Russians meant well. But they took time to talk while the house was burning! Of course the Kaiser encouraged them..."
    • United States. Dept. of Labor
    • Are You With Me Fellows?

    • Poster shows an angry Uncle Sam, his sleeves rolled up and ready to fight, looking at the sea, where a German U-boat is sinking an American ship, and asking "are you with me fellows?" The remaining text forms a poem, starting with the line "The...
    • Watson, F. M.
    • Only the Navy Can Stop This

    • Cartoon drawing of Kaiser Wilhelm brandishing a bloody saber in one hand and a bloody dagger in the other, knee-deep in water with dead babies and children floating at his feet. Caption: "The U.S. Navy Publicity Bureau gratefully acknowledges its...
    • Rogers, W. A. (William Allen), 1854-1931
    • What the Navy Is Doing--Depth Bombs Deal Death to U-Boats

    • 1917; 1918
    • Image of German U-boat being bombed as seen from deck of American ship. Text: "For this Hun the war is over, blown to bits by a depth bomb planted at the right time. It is the merry little depth bomb--in destroyer lingo, "the ash can" which upends...
    • He Blocks The Road To Peace!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of German soldier with spiked helmet, holding pistol and bloody knife, in front of a sign reading "The Road To Peace." Text urges enlistment in U.S. Army. Signed "Fred V. Owen after Kirby."
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Destroy This Thing! Enlist!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a crouching beast with a German spiked helmet, baring its teeth and glaring at a kneeling woman. Text urges enlistment.
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • The Baby Killer! Stop Him!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a German soldier holding a bloody knife. Text urges enlistment in the U.S. Army to stop the "baby killer."
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • On To Berlin!

    • 1918
    • A bulldog wrapped in an American flag is chasing and biting the tail of a hog wearing a spiked helmet with the words "German Army" printed on its body.
    • Owen, Fred V.


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