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    • What the Navy Is Doing--Depth Bombs Deal Death to U-Boats

    • 1917; 1918
    • Image of German U-boat being bombed as seen from deck of American ship. Text: "For this Hun the war is over, blown to bits by a depth bomb planted at the right time. It is the merry little depth bomb--in destroyer lingo, "the ash can" which upends...
    • He Blocks The Road To Peace!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of German soldier with spiked helmet, holding pistol and bloody knife, in front of a sign reading "The Road To Peace." Text urges enlistment in U.S. Army. Signed "Fred V. Owen after Kirby."
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • His Turn

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a resolute U.S. soldier, labeled "American Army," rolling up his sleeve and preparing to fight; one German soldier, labeled "German Line," reacts in fear, another German soldier hides behind the first one.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • On To Berlin!

    • 1918
    • A bulldog wrapped in an American flag is chasing and biting the tail of a hog wearing a spiked helmet with the words "German Army" printed on its body.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Defend "Old Glory"

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of an American soldier on a white horse, with saber, guarding the American flag, about to strike a German soldier, on foot, threatening the American with a rifle and bloody bayonet. Text below says "Enlist in US Army."
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Defend Your Home And Country!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a Germanic warrior, wearing horned helmet marked "Hunism," about to club a woman kneeling over a dead baby; more corpses and a burning house are in the background. Lower part of poster urges enlistment in U.S. Army.
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • Destroy This Mad Brute--Enlist!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a King Kong type caricature wearing a German spiked helmet marked "Militarism;" the beast carries a club marked "Kultur" in his right hand and a half-nude fainting woman in his left arm. The beast is stepping out of the...
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • Help Hunt The Hun

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of two American soldiers in full combat gear, with rifles and fixed bayonets, charging an unseen enemy to right. Text urges men 18-21 and 31-41 to enlist and "help hunt the Hun." Front and bottom of poster shows rubber...
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • Destroy This Thing! Enlist!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a crouching beast with a German spiked helmet, baring its teeth and glaring at a kneeling woman. Text urges enlistment.
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • The Baby Killer! Stop Him!

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a German soldier holding a bloody knife. Text urges enlistment in the U.S. Army to stop the "baby killer."
    • Owen, Fred V.
    • One Rock They Can't Get Over

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a car, labeled "German War Machine," hitting a boulder, marked "U.S. Resistance." As the car is overturning, it dumps figures of two men in German uniforms. Text urges every man 18-21 and 32-41 to "enlist now."
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • The Progress Of Kultur

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of a pair of German Army boots stomping over fallen women marked "Belgium" and "Roumania." Text urges men to enlist and "stop this."
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • Partners

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of three standing figures: the Kaiser, flanked on one side by a skeleton wrapped in a dark shroud, and on the other side by a horned, smiling devil. Text below states "Fight either and you fight all" and calls men to enlist...
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • Help The World Lose Him

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of Kaiser Wilhelm in great-coat, boots, and spiked helmet, standing in hell, surrounded by flying bats also wearing spiked helmets. A black silhouette of the devil is telling Wilhelm to get back to earth, so the devil would...
    • Davidson, T. S.
    • What Are You Doing To Stop This Thing?

    • 1918
    • Original poster drawing of an octopus with the head of the Kaiser spreading its tentacles; two have caught women labeled "Belgium" and "Poland." Text urges men 18-21 and 31-41 to join the Army and do their part to "stop this thing."
    • Davidson, T. S.


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