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    • Grimes - Conrad Family Bible Records

    • 1793-1972
    • Byerly Family; Conrad Family; Grimes Family; Conrad, Nathaniel Green; Grimes, James H.
    • Written: The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Publisher and publication date unknown.
    • Brooks Family Bible Records

    • 1756-1945
    • Benson Family; Brooks Family; Midgett Family; Williams Family; Brooks, Arcadia F.; Brooks, Jacob; Brooks, Samuel; Brooks, William; Swindell, Penelope
    • Written in: The Reader Holy Bible, published by Jesper Harding and Son in 1857.; The letter on page 8 discusses purchasing slaves.
    • Alfred and Sarah F. McGounds Worthington Family Bible Records

    • 1768-1965
    • McGounds Family; Moye Family; Worthington Family; McGounds, Binten; McGounds, Gilford; McGounds, Sarah F.; Worthington, Alfred; Births (Vital Statistics); Slaves
    • Written in: The Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible published by John C. Winston & Co.,
    • William Holmes Family Bible Records

    • 1771-1969
    • Griffin Family; Hatch Family; Holmes Family; Martin Family; White family; Holmes, William; Peel, Julia C.; Wooten, Elizabeth; Pierson, William W.; Cannon, Yvonne; Burnette, Charles D.; hines, Eugene; Welborne, Elgie; Bynum, Mary; Marshburn,...
    • Written in: The People's Standard Edition of the Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testamentspublished Philadelphia, Pa.: Ziegler & McCurdy
    • Twitty Family Bible Records

    • Cheek Family; Palmer Family; Twitty Family; Cheek, Robert Fines; Palmer, Sarah Fitts Henry; Twitty, Caroline C.; Twitty, James Turnbull; Twitty, Mary Ann Sterling; Twitty, Robert Cheek
    • Written in: The New Testament, published by the American Bible Society in 1867.
    • Jonathan Evans, Jr., Family Bible Records

    • 1767-1918
    • Cumberland County, N.C.; Evans Family; Gibson Family; Hall Family; Carver, Maria D.; Carver, William E.; Evans, Jonathan; Evans, Sarah; Evans, Susan W.; Gibson, Green S.; Hall, John H.; Melvin, Rebecca
    • Written in: The New Testament translated out of the original tongues.New York: N. Bangs & J. Emory.
    • Van Hook Family Bible Records

    • 1797-1948
    • Van Hook Family; Bird, Margaret; Lea, Phoebe; Van Hook, Caroline; Van Hook, Elizabeth; Van Hook, Harriett Campbell; Van Hook, John C.; Van Hook, Margaret J.; Van Hook, Rachel
    • Written in: The New Testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ, published by M. Carey & Sons
    • Peter Hairston Family Bible Records

    • 1750-1928
    • Dillard Family; Hairston Family; Estes, Lucy; Hairston, Peter; Hairston, Robert; Hairston, Samuel; Jones, Henrietta A.; Jones, Lucy J.; Wilson, Penelope C.
    • Written in: The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour, published by C. Ewer, T. Bedlington, and J.H.A. Frost in 1828.
    • Alexander McDowell Family Bible Records

    • 1775-1980
    • Harelson Family; McDowell Family; Sanderson Family; Walter Family; Harrelson, McLeod; McDowell, Alexander; McDowell, Lois; Purdie, Helen Jane; Smith, Mary Jane
    • Written in: The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.published New York: Emory and Waugh, 1829.
    • Stephen Henley Family Bible Records

    • 1798-1949
    • Henley Family; Henley, David J.; Henley, Stephen; Lassiter, Eleanor; Pearson, Anna; Pearson, Nathan; Pearson, Rebecca
    • Written in: The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, published by the Bible Association of Friends in America in 1831.
    • Richard Henry Lewis Family Bible Records

    • 1770-1926
    • Hoskins Family; Lewis Family; Foreman, Martha; Foreman, Mary; Hoskins, Baker; Hoskins, Mary E.; Lewis, Annie Harrison; Lewis, Cornelia Battle; Lewis, Ivey Foreman; Lewis, Kemp Plummer; Lewis, Martha Battle; Lewis, Mary Foreman; Lewis, Richard...
    • Written in: The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, published by the American Bible Society
    • Partin Family Bible Records

    • 1768-1919
    • Matthews Family; Partin Family; Rowland Family; Stephens Family; Jones, Margaret Ellen; Myatt, Candis; Partin, William; Rowland, Alfred Elmon; Rowland, Bennett; Stephens, Robert Henry
    • Written in: The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, published by Mathew Carey & Sons
    • Isaac Vanhook Family Bible Records

    • 1753-1911
    • Comer Family; Prewet Family; Vanhook Family; Comer, Peggy; Comer, John; Prewet, Fanny; Prewet, Sary; Prewet, William N.; Vanhook, Adison Mitchell; Vanhook, Albert; Vanhook, Amanda Adeline; Vanhook, Arin; Vanhook, Betsy; Vanhook, Isaac; Vanhook,...
    • Written in: The New Testament of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, published by M.Carey & Sons.
    • Fitzgerald Family Bible Records

    • 1765-1955
    • Fitzgerald Family; Powell Family; Betts, Maria; Fitzgerald, Ann E.; Fitzgerald, Bannister; Fitzgerald, James O.; Fitzgerald, Obediah; Powell, Edmond; Shelton, Mary R.; Wright, Mary A.; Births (Vital Statistics); Slaves
    • Written in: The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, published by Kimber and Sharpless
    • Gibble Family Bible Records

    • 1720-1959
    • Delamar Family; Easterday Family; Gibble Family; Dennis, Mary; Gibble, Jacob Lynn; Gibble, John; Green, Julia A.; Knox, Amanda McPherson
    • Written in: The Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible, published by J.W. Goodspeed and Co. in 1869
    • Huffman Family Bible Records

    • 1794-1958
    • Huffman Family; Huffman, Davidson Cornelius; Miller, Catie Malinda; Miller, David
    • Written in: The illustrated polyglot family Bible, containing the Old and New Testamentspublished Philadelphia: Quaker City Publishing Co., 1874; Contains obituaries
    • Dr. James H. Hicks Family Bible Records

    • 1713-1922
    • Faison Family; Hicks Family; Hill Family; Miller Family; Whitfield Family; Faison, Mary; Hicks, James H.; Hicks, Thomas; McCullough, Margaret; McIver, Rachel; Miller, George; Miller, Mary; Miller, Stephen; Whitfield, Winnifred
    • Written in: The Illuminated Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, published by Harper & Brothers in 1846.
    • Thomas Whitmell Family Bible Records

    • 1694-1920
    • Pugh Family; Thompson Family; Whitmell Family; Alston, Philip; Blancet, Martha; Hunter, Eliza; Pugh, Francis; Pugh, John; Pugh, Thomas Whitmell; Thompson, Hezekiah; Thompson, Lewis; Thomson, Mary Eliza; Thompson, Sarah; Thompson, Thomas; Thompson,...
    • Written in: The Holy Bible, published by John Baskett in 1726.
    • Lavender Family Bible Records

    • 1795-1975
    • Lavender Family; Maguire Fammily; Partin Family; Alston, Margaret Thomas; Lavender, Ben Alston; Lavender, William L.; Leroy, Agnes Helena; Leroy, Mary Louisa; Maguire, Claire Egan; Maguire, Thomas F.; Partin, John Harrison
    • Written in: The Holy Bible, published by Eugene Cummiskey in 1825.


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