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    • Lawrence Sitton Family Bible Records

    • Sitton Family; Allen, Nancy Caroline; Gillaspie, Isabel; Hughs, Harriet; Ledbetter, Joseph; Orr, Eleanor; Rickman, Isiah; Sitton, James Matterson; Sitton, Jane Harvey; Sitton, Jason William; Sitton, John Gillaspie; Sitton, Joseph; Sitton, Lawrence;...
    • (1789-1820) North Carolina's early statehood; (1820-1860) Antebellum; (1860-1876) Civil War and Reconstruction; (1876-1900) Gilded Age
    • William and Susan Furlaw Sabiston Family Bible Records

    • Sabiston Family; Furlaw, Susan Jane; Sabiston, Emily Franklin; Sabiston, William.
    • (1789-1820) North Carolina's early statehood; (1820-1860) Antebellum; (1860-1876) Civil War and Reconstruction; (1876-1900) Gilded Age
    • Matthew Atwater Family Bible Records

    • 1823/1904
    • Atwater Family; Atwater, Emily; Atwater, Matthew
    • 1482-1892 The Jubilee Year, in Commemoration of the Discovery of America. The Pronouncing Edition of the Holy Bible Containing The Authorized and Revised Versions of the Old and New Testaments, Arranged in Parallel Columns published by A. J. Holman...
    • Robert A. and Elizabeth McNeill Holloway Family Bible Records

    • 1827-1842
    • Holloway Family; Holloway, Robert A.; McNeill, Elizabeth; McNeill, Flora Isabella.
    • [Page cut off] New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated out of the Original Greekpublished by D & G. Bruce for the American Bible Society, 1828.
    • Boylan - Lane Family Bible Records

    • 1795-1862
    • Boylan Family; Lane Family; Williams Family; Boylan, James; Lane, Jane; Williams, Samuel
    • [Page torn] Together with the Apocrypha: Done by the Special Command of King James I of England, published by [illegible] 1815.
    • William and Laura Ann Rogers Family Bible Records

    • Rogers Family; McIver Family; Rogers, Laura Ann; Rogers, William.
    • [Self-p]ronouncing Edition. The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues...published by B. F. Johnson & Co.
    • William Samuel Long, Jr., Family Bible Records

    • 1866-1977
    • Long Family; Bell, Allene Christ; Long, William Samuel, Jr.
    • [Self-Pronouncing] Edition of the Holy Bible. Containing the Authorized and Revised Versioons of the Old and New Testamentspublished by A. J. Holman & Co., Ltd., 1894.
    • Duncan Family Bible Records

    • 1828-1907
    • Duncan Family.
    • [The] New Te[stament] of our Lord and Savi[our] Jesus Christ: Translated out of the Original Greekpublished by the American Bible Society, 1829.
    • Marmaduke Swaim Family Bible Records

    • 1771-1844
    • Swaim Family; Swaim, Augustine; Swaim, Catherine; Swaim, Charity; Swaim, Charles; Swaim, Easter; Swaim, John; Swaim, Margaret; Swaim, Marmaduke; Swaim, Peggy; Swaim, Sarah; Swaim, Thomas; Swaim, William.
    • [Title page torn] Transla[ted] out of the Original Hebrewpublished by Mathew Carey, 1805.
    • Edwards Family Bible Records

    • 1819-1940
    • Edwards Family; Becton, Eugenia; Edwards, David McKinnie; Edwards, Newit; McKinnie, David; McKinnie, Mary.
    • [Top of page missing] Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tonguespublished by the American Bible Society, 1849.
    • Edney - Ednye Family Bible Records

    • 1763-1941
    • Edney Family; Ednye Family; Jones Family; Nelson Family; Dillahunt, Rachel; Edney, Newton; Smith, Jane; Births (Vital Statistics); Slaves
    • "Written in: ""The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ"" published by M. Carey and Son in 1817.; Page 2 mentions the sale of a slave.; Page 5 tracks the genealogy of family slaves."
    • James Jackson Family Bible Records

    • 1766-1880
    • Jackson Family; Williams Family; Thames Family; Elwell, Emily; Jackson, James; Jackson, Jesse; Jackson, Jesse Ann; Williams, Isaac.
    • A Brief Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, of the Old and new Testamentsby John Brownpublished by Mathew Carey, 1813.
    • Pistole Family Bible Records

    • 1795-1844
    • Pistole Family; Litchfield, Jesse; Pistole, Cainan; Pistole, Charles; Sample, Alexander; Williams, James M.
    • A Brief Concordance To the Holy Scriptures, of the Old and New Testamentspublished by Evert Duyckinck, Smith & Forman, John Tiebout, G. & R. Waite, and Websters & Skinners of Albany, 1813.
    • John Elliott Family Bible Records

    • Elliott Family; Elliott, John
    • A Careful and Strict Inquiry into the Moden Prevailing Notions of that Freedom of Will, Which is Supposed to be Essential To Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and punishment, Praise and Blame, by Jonathan Edwards, A. M., published by Whiting,...
    • Reuben Bray Family Bible Records

    • 1850-1903
    • Bray Family; Keen Family; Bray, Reuben; Dorsett, Rachel Emily
    • A Compendium of the History of the United States From the Earliest Settlements to 1871. Designed to Answer the Purpose of a Text Book in Schools and Colleges As well as to Meet the Wants of General Readers, by Alexander H. Stephens, published by E....
    • Henry Milton Talley Family Bible Records

    • Daniel Family; Talley Family; Daniel, Bettie H.; Talley, Henry Milson.
    • A Complete Analysis of the Holy [Bible] Or, The Whole Bible Arranged in Subjects...published by Henry F. Giere.
    • John Thomas Barnes Family Bible Records

    • 1849/1976
    • Barnes Family; Barnes, John Thomas; Roberts, Sarah J.
    • A Comprehensive and Illustrated History of the Books of the Old and New Testament Containing a Concise Account of All the Books of the Biblewith Other Interesting Narratives Relating to the Chronology of the Books of the Bible and the Lives and...
    • Edward P. and Mary Massey Doolittle Family Bible Records

    • 1845-1957
    • Doolittle Family; Doolittle, Adelaide; Doolittle, Archie A.; Doolittle, Edward P.; Doolittle, Edward S.; Doolittle, Frances L.; Doolittle, Howard C.; Doolittle, M.; Doolittle, Mary E.; Doolittle, Mary Massey; Doolittle, Minnie E.; Doolittle, S.;...
    • A Comprehensive and Illustrated History of the Books of the Old and New Testaments
    • Skeen Family Bible Records

    • Baldwin Family; Craven Family; LeGrand Family; Skeen Family; Baldwin, Rebecca; Baldwin, Thomas R.; Craven, John A.; Harris, Nancy; LeGrand, Ermine; LeGrand, James; Richardson, Martha; Skeen, Allen; Skeen, Lola Percy.
    • A Graduating Present from Trinity College, N.C. June 10, 1886. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues...published by the American Bible Society, 1882.


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