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  5. To search within the full text of the issue, use the Text Search box. The right sidebar will show you which pages contain your search term. Read more...
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The Big Picture

This website, the North Carolina Digital Collections, contains 30+ collections, one of which is the Our State digital collection is one of them. You can explore the entire site using the dark blue navigation bar at top. As you search Our State, you can also expand your search to include other collections. Once you are inside the searchable database, use the "Add or remove other collections to your search" box on the left.


This site is capable of performing powerful advanced searches. You can search Our State issues by title, date, subject, full text, and more.

To perform an advanced search, click "Advanced Search" once you are inside the searchable database. From there:

  1. Enter your search term(s).
  2. Select which field you'd like to search
  3. Select whether you'd like to search for:
    • All of the words - returns only those issues with all of your search terms, in any order
    • Any of the words - returns only those issues with at least any of your search terms
    • The exact phrase - returns only those issues with your search terms in the exact order you entered them
    • None of the words - return only those issues that do not contain any of your search terms (Note: this operator has to be used in conjunction with another operator that does not use "None of the words"
  4. Add up to four additional fields
  5. If you'd like to search by date, cilck "Search by date" and search using:
    • from - returns all issues published on or between the two supplied dates
    • after - returns all issues published after the supplied date
    • before - returns all issues published before the supplied date
    • on - returns all issues published on the supplied date
There are three ways for you to search the full text of Our State.
  1. By default, if you use the main search box, your search terms will be searched across all fields, including the full text and including fields like title, creator, and subject.
  2. Click the Advanced Search link next to the main search box. From the "All fields" dropdown, select "Full text" at the bottom and enter your search terms.
  3. When you are looking at an issue of Our State, click the Text Search button. Your results will appear on the left-hand side, where each page with your search term will be highlight and the number of times that your term appears will be indicated.

Page Flip View allows you to flip through magazine issues as if you were holding the magazine in your hands.

To open a magazine issue in Page Flip View, navigate to the issue page and click the Page Flip View button Page Flip View button. It may take a moment for the Page Flip Viewer to load.

Page Flip View opens to a two-page view by default. To advance to the next page, click on the right page. To go back a page, click on the left page.

In the default two-page view, you cannot zoom on pages. To zoom, switch to single-page view by clicking the button that has a single rectangle Single-Page View button

To view many pages at once, switch to thumbnail view by clicking the button that has four rectangles. You may then zoom out to see many pages. Thumbnail View button

Yes, all Our State publications that you see on this site are under copyright. Responsibility for securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use the item. The written permission of the copyright holder(s) and/or other rights holders(such as for publicity or privacy rights) is required for the distribution, reproduction, or other use of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use or other statutory exemptions.
Due to copyright restrictions, it is not possible to print a PDF of Our State magainze issues.
Copies of The State and Our State can be found in libraries throughout North Carolina and the country, including the State Library of North Carolina. The magazine ran under the title The State from 1933 until it changed to Our State in 1996.

Find your nearest library with a copy on Worldcat:

The State Library of North Carolina's Government and Heritage Library also has copies of the magazine available on site at 109 Jones Street in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Partners who contributed issues found on this website include:

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